Congratulation to Kouzou Abdellah for being appointed as an IEEE R8 CoCC member!!

IEEE Region 8 Conference Coordination Committee (CoCC) has been running since more than 20 years ago. The CoCC aims to facilitate the planning, development, implementation, coordination, and to monitor and to provide oversight for Region 8 conferences, conventions and technical events sponsored or cosponsored by Region 8, and liaise with and advise Societies and Technical Councils planning conferences in Region 8.

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For further details about the IEEE R8 Conference Coordination Committee, please have a look into:

  • IEEE R8 CoCC Operations Manual <link>
  • IEEE Technical Activities organizational chart <link>


Conferences are among the most important activities in Region 8 because of the important opportunities that they provide, especially for networking in Europe, Africa, and Middle-East. Additionally, an important intellectual property is generated through the Region 8 conferences and published in IEEE Xplore.